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Mold Removal Marlborough MA

Professional Mold Remediation Company Servicing Marlborough MA

If you have mold damage in your home or business, call A&E Environmental Inc. We are certified professionals who can help you get to the root of the mold source. Our certified mold technicians can safely and effectively take care of your mold problem. We use the most advanced tools and equipment combined with our systematic approach developed across nearly three decades.

Marlborough MA Mold Removal Services

When you see or suspect mold growing in your Marlborough MA home or business property, a quick response is the best way to remediate the issue and minimize the potential damages. Mold is an airborne fungus that can spread throughout your property in a matter of days, causing significant damage and posing serious threats to your health.

A&E Environmental has three decades of experience working to remediate mold growth. We provide turnkey mold removal Marlborough services. This means that starting with the initial inspection, all the way through to the final repairs, A&E will be able to take care of every step in the process of removing the mold and returning your property to a safe and secure condition.


Common Mold-Related Health Risks

As it is an airborne fungus, mold is something that we breathe, and it will come into contact with us. Because of this, when the levels of mold are heightened in a confined space, it has the ability to cause several health issues. For this reason, it is important to take action to remove the mold ASAP. The most common mold-related health risks in Marlborough include: 

  • Throat Irritation

  • Nasal Stuffiness

  • Eye Irritation

  • Cough & Wheezing

  • Skin Irritation

Call us today to receive a free quote and get information on how A&E can help you breathe easy.

Mold Damage Cleanup Marlborough MA

When your property has been damaged by a water-related disaster or some area within your building has high humidity and low airflow, this makes your property highly vulnerable to mold growth. If you notice any mildew or mold or even smell something atypical, it's important to contact a professional mold damage cleanup Marlborough MA company, like A&E.


Our IICRC licensed mold damage technicians offer full-service mold remediation. Our team will remove and dispose of any irreparably damaged materials and then wipe down and disinfect every surface.


The Mold Remediation Process

  • We don’t just remediate we help determine the source.

  • When we remediate 98% of the time eliminate the staining

  • We do not cover up the area we treated for mold 

  • We want our clients to see what we have done - The results are amazing

  • Crews are certified in the industry, years of experience

  • With us you have options. We don't tell you what you must do, we provide you with choices. 

  • We use the latest equipment

  • We use EPA registered product 

  • We sanitize and disinfect each project before in after for your safety

Why Call A&E Environmental?​

  • We are your one-stop shop for mold removal Marlborough services.

  • 24-48 hour turnaround time for quotes.
  • Work performed by certified, licensed, experienced in-house crews.
  • WBE certified, Local, Family owned, performing small projects to multimillion-dollar projects.
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Your project is not just a project it's part of our mission to improve the air quality of our community.​

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