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Leominster MA

Exploring Leominster MA


With a population of 43,782, Leominster MA is the second-largest city in Worcester County. Located roughly 20 miles north of Worcester and 40 miles northwest of Boston, Leominster, Massachusetts finds itself both far enough away from, and close enough to the city. 

Leominster MA is positioned along the Nashua River along with a neighboring city Fitchburg, and together, are known as the twin cities. Exploring Leominster MA will offer something for everyone and might just lead you to find a granite marker indicating the birthplace of the well-known Johnny Appleseed. 

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A Brief History of Leominster MA


Leominster was settled in 1653 and in 1915 it was incorporated as a city. Towards the beginning of the 20th century, the plastics industry was booming, and as a result of its role in the nation-wide development of the plastics industry, Leominster was named "The Pioneer Plastics City." 

In 1919, Sam Foster began the Foster Manufacturing company which later became the Foster Grant Company. Several well-known products and businesses have come out of Leominster including the Foster Grant sunglasses, The Dupont Viscoloid Company, and the famous pink flamingo lawn ornament.

Things To Do In Leominster MA

​When you are looking for things to do, Leominster offers a lot of options for people with all types of interests. Below are some of the more popular sites:

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At A&E Environmental we offer a wide range of environmental remediation property damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties in and around Leominster MA. These services include:

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