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Frequently Asked Questions 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Asbestos Testing

What are you going to sample?

We sample building materials that the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards requires us to sample. Keep in mind, asbestos was used in over 3,000 building products.

How many samples are you going to take?

That is determined by the type of building material that structure is made up, and the size of the structure.

How long will the sampling take?

This time also is determined by the type of building material that the structure is made up of, and the size of the structure.

Is it more cost effective to just assume there is asbestos there and have it removed professionally?

No, it is always better to have it tested rather than assume asbestos is present.

Can you tell if a building material contains asbestos by looking at it?

Yes, for some building materials such as pipe insulation, siding. However, the regulation reads all building materials that have not been tested for the presence of asbestos are assumed to contain asbestos. So beware, there are contractors out there who will perform abatement projects because you have not had the material tested based on this regulation, so beware.

The house I am buying has asbestos. Can you test to verify that?

We can only test a home that you are purchasing with written permission from the homeowner.

Can you walk through the home I am buying and tell me if there is a potential for asbestos to be present?

Yes, we can but testing would need to be performed to verify.

My flooring guy said this is definitely asbestos should I bother to have it tested?

Yes, absolutely. Why take on an abatement project and the cost if it’s not asbestos.

My contractor started to remove stuff in my home but he didn’t have it tested and dust is everywhere, should I be concerned?

Absolutely, have him contain the area and stop immediately, and contact us.

I started to remove my carpet and it started to pull up the tiles underneath.  I went online and it looked like asbestos. What should I do?

Stop and contact us.

If my home was built in the 90s can asbestos be in my home?

Yes, asbestos can be there. Regardless of the age of your home asbestos can be in the building materials that make up your home.

If I did a renovation project last year do I have to have it tested for asbestos?

Yes, you do. Regardless of the age of the renovation prior to doing another renovation or demolition you need to have it tested for the presence of asbestos.

Environmental Remediation

How Much Does a Typical Remediation Job Cost?

Remediation jobs vary in pricing depending on a lot of factors. One thing that sets us apart from other contractors is we don't bid a job based on square footage or linear footage of a project. We base our pricing on your particular job. For example, you may have had water damage that affected the asbestos containing floor tile. Now this floor tile may come up easier than it would have had it not been compromised. When we go out to look at your project we will take this into consideration when pricing your project, and you as the customer would benefit from this because now the job may be easier; tiles come up quicker and labor cost is lowered. We look at every project we do to protect the client as well as ourselves. We prefer no surprises.
You can look up pricing on the internet, and honestly some of the pricing that they claim asbestos contractors get on a project are definitely not the pricing asbestos contractors get on a project. Please do not get the incorrect pricing off of the internet and assume that it is accurate. Contact us, and we will come depending on the distance and offer you a free quote. We provide environmental remediation services all over Massachusetts. Unfortunately, we have to charge you for an estimate if you are an hour away from us, but you do receive a credit for that charge if you choose us to do your remediation project.

What Can I Expect in a Free Quote from A&E Environmental?

You can expect a Certified, Licensed, and Trained Professional in Remediation Services who has been in the industry for decades. Not only do our professionals have training in quoting the project, but also in doing the remediation. Our professionals have through the national database, and are CORI checked so you can feel safe and confident in the expert who is coming to your home or facility to view your project and provide you with a free quote. When we arrive at your home we will show you a badge so you know this person is with A&E Environmental, and he/she will wear the proper PPE for these times. While there, our expert will look at your project, discuss the project, make recommendations, explain the process, answer any questions you may have, measure the area, take notes, verify your contact information, and email you a quote within 24-48 hours, or sooner if needed.

What Industry Certifications Does A&E Have?

A&E Environmental carries an asbestos Contractor’s License, which we need to submit a renewal application for every year in order to have it reviewed and approved for the following year. A&E also carries a Lead License from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the EPA, and a Home Improvement License with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Everyone that performs remediation projects is licensed and/or certified and trained in the remediation field that they are performing. No one that performs remediation work for A&E has been working with us for less than three years, so your project is not a test case, it is performed by seasoned individuals that take pride in the quality of their work.

How Can Environmental Remediation Services Benefit My Health?

Your health is a priority. All of our remediation services pose a possible health risk to you or others that may have been exposed. Remediating helps to risk and/or eliminate the risks to your health, and can possibly save lives. It is important to know what type of building materials surround you at home, at work, at school, at the hospital, at the gym that you love to attend, or even at the restaurant you love to eat at. Since these services pose a risk to you and others, it is invaluable to elevate these risks from our homes and establishments so that we can all breathe easier knowing that we have improved our environment for a healthier today, tomorrow, and future tomorrows.

What Can Happen if Remediation Goes Untreated?

If a remediation project goes untreated it could lead to you or others getting exposed continuously, which poses higher health risks the more you are exposed to these environments. It could compromise your health and that of others sooner than you anticipated. It could also compromise the integrity of your home, school, or facility the longer that it stays on these building materials. The project could become more involved, more extensive, and more costly than it would have if it was treated right away. Some of our environmental remediation services are offered for prevention, while our sanitizing and disinfecting service is specifically offered for us to treat areas so it eats away at the virus if the virus comes in contact with our prevention method; this is crucial for the times we are living in today. To our knowledge, we are one of the few companies offering this service to state that. Check out our sanitizing and disinfecting services page, and while you’re there check out our other remediation services that you may be in need of. It's not true that you can't prevent what you can't see. We do it all the time.

Asbestos Removal

Is it true that if I own my own home I can do the removal work in accordance with rules and regulations?

Yes this is true, however be sure you know the rules and regulations. Also, keep in mind that on most projects, after you buy the materials and equipment needed and perform the work yourself, you would have saved time and money just by hiring us.

Can you get fined if you do the work improperly?

That depends on the agency you are working with, but yes it is true.

How can I tell if my home or business has asbestos?

The only way to tell if your structure has any kind of asbestos is to test samples from the suspected areas in bulk. Our licensed and certified team of inspectors takes a detailed sampling and sends them to an independent laboratory for analysis. Once we get the results, we package them into detailed and intuitive reporting for our customers, which includes imaging, measurements, and solutions for abatement or removal.

Where does the asbestos go, after removal?

All asbestos that we remove is sealed in bags and safely transported to an EPA-approved landfill with space designated specifically to accommodate hazardous materials like asbestos-laden materials.

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