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Framingham MA

Exploring Framingham MA


Framingham MA is the anchor for the MetroWest region and is about half an hour from Boston. It's a suburb, but it's accessible downtown via the routes of the cities around it, including Boston.

The city dates back more than 300 years and has always been known for its industry. It still is, but it also contains a mixture of retail and offices in the present day. The area is woven into a landscape of parkland and farms, making it different from any other nearby urban area.

There are hundreds of beautiful old homes in Framingham, and the best place to gauge that history is the Framingham Centre Common, the place where the city was born in the 17th century.

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A Brief History of Framingham MA


In 1647, John Stone was the first person to live in Framingham. Shortly afterward, pioneers like Thomas Danforth started living here, using the 15,000 acres he had been granted by the government. During the time of the Salem witch trials, a large number of Framingham citizens fled from the persecution and moved to the area that would later be known as the Salem End Road. By 1700, 76 families lived in Framingham, primarily farming the land.

Education in Framingham has always been important. In 1853, the first public normal school in America, was relocated to Framingham, and Framingham State University was founded in 1839.

Things To Do In Framingham MA

Framingham MA offers a great number of options for you and your family to enjoy. There is something for everyone in Framingham, some of the more popular sites include:

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Our Framingham MA Environmental Remediation Services

A&E Environmental provides a number of environmental remediation property damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties in and around Framingham MA. These services include:

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