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Fitchburg MA

Exploring Fitchburg MA


Fitchburg MA is is a town with a population of 41,946 northern Worcester County. The Town of Fitchburg is situated in the northeastern part of the County of Worcester, about forty-seven miles northwest from Boston. 

Despite being one of the largest cities in the county, Fitchburg keeps a small-town feel. Fitchburg is well known for its old mills that line the Nashua River, along with its hills and regional parks. What was once a city of industry has transitioned into a charming town tucked in the hilly woods of northern Worcester County. People with all types of interests will find something for them, exploring Fitchburg MA.

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A Brief History of Fitchburg MA


Fitchburg was first settled in 1740 and was originally known as Turkey Hills. Later, the town was named after John Fitch, a man who helped secure the incorporation of the town in 1764. Prior to incorporation, Fitchburg was part of Lunenburg, but In 1764 Fitchburg was officially separated from Lunenburg.


Early textile mills utilized the river as a source of power and helped put the town on the map. In the mid 19th century, several railroad lines going through the town jumpstarted the industrial development. 

Things To Do In Fitchburg MA

​There are plenty of things to do in Fitchburg MA. No matter what your interests are, there will be plenty of options for you. Below are some of the more popular sites:

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Our Fitchburg MA Environmental Remediation Services

A&E Environmental provides a number of environmental remediation property damage restoration services for residential and commercial properties in and around Fitchburg MA. These services include:

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