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Asbestos Testing Services

The most important step required by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts prior to your your renovation, or demolition project.

Now Serving Rhode Island & New Hampshire!

A&E offers comprehensive asbestos testing, pre renovation and pre demolition surveys performed by a certified and licensed asbestos inspector, with a decade of prior asbestos field experience.  A&E Inspection Detection offers comprehensive asbestos testing and detailed asbestos surveys.

Rapid Asbestos Testing Services

Our certified and licensed inspectors perform detailed inspections with rapid testing, that's cost effective. In fact, asbestos testing is mandatory in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, no matter the age of your home or facility, prior to any renovation or demolition being performed. Stay compliant and contact us today for all your asbestos testing needs.  


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Why do we need to test for asbestos?

Asbestos can be in the building materials that make up our homes, businesses, and facilities. If you are unaware if asbestos is present in the building materials if they become compromised naturally or due to a renovation or a demolition project microscopic fibers that make up asbestos can get released into the ambient air.

asbestos testing process

The Asbestos Testing Process

The day of your scheduled appointment our asbestos inspector/s will go out and take samples of the building materials in accordance to rules and regulations.

  • The inspector/s clearly marks down where the samples are taken from.

  • They take pictures of the sample areas.

  • Place samples in clear bags and label them.

  • Put sample information on a chain of custody.

  • These samples get sent to an independent licensed laboratory for analysis.

  • Lab completes analysis and the inspector prepares your survey reports.

  • Surveys or results are then emailed to you.

  • Along with a quote if applicable for removal.

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